to the online publication of the research project "Painting Techniques of Impressionism and Postimpressionism"!

The Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud in Cologne is home to the most extensive collection of Impressionist and Post-impressionist painting in Germany. This unique collection provided the ideal preconditions for the research project "Painting Techniques of Impressionism and Postimpressionism" from 2005 until 2008 (»the project). The company RheinEnergie and its foundations RheinEnergieStiftung Jugend/Beruf, Wissenschaft sowie RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur have generously sponsored both the research project and the special exhibition which has resulted from it (»sponsorship, »special exhibition). The project including the exhibition, an accompanying catalogue and symposium as well as the online publication received the famous Keck Award 2010 of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (»IIC Keck Award).

Online publication of the research results

Here you find brief reports on the technology and condition of a total of 77 paintings in the form of downloadable pdf-files in English or German.

Pictorial material

The technological examinations have given rise to extensive high-resolution pictorial material (»example), which, for legal reasons will be presented for viewing with Zoomify software. Good print-quality picture files will be incorporated into the pdf documents. It will not be possible to order photographs.

Catalogue function

There is a catalogue available, allowing various search functions. Alongside the choice of artist and date, other search terms can be entered, allowing a classification by major investigation results. When selected, the corresponding sub-categories will be shown on the left and will enable a targeted search according to the chosen technological criteria. Further information will then be available in the pdf-files containing the brief report on each work.

Further information

Articles of a more specialized nature, for example on examination methods or conventions, as well as a glossary, can be accessed via the header.

We wish you a stimulating exploration of this site!

Services of this site:

  • brief reports of 77 paintings, downloadable as pdf-documents
  • High-resolution illustrations
  • catalogue function for search
  • further information on investigation methods etc.
  • article on VIS-spectrometry
  • glossary


Paul Signac
Constantinople. Yeni Djami, 1909, oil on canvas, 66.0 x 81.5 cm, Kunstsammlung NRW, WRM Dep. 970

Claude Monet
Above Vétheuil, Spring Effect, 1880, oil on canvas, 60.4 x 99.8 cm, WRM 3620