Optical equipment

Digital camera: Olympus E-10 (4,0 Megapixel),
Olympus E-1 (5,0 Megapixel),
Canon EOS 30 D (8,5 Megapixel)
UV-Filter: Kodak Wratten Gelatine Filter 2 B
Scanner: Cruse Scanner CS 90A
Stereo-microscope: Olympus SZX 12 (up to 90fold magnification)
Stand microscope: Olympus BH-2 (up to 200fold magnification)
Black light lamps: UVASPOT 400 T, Dr. Hönle AG, UV Technologie, Gräfelfing
Daylight lamps: Engelbrecht
Infrared camera: MuSIS 2007 (750 - 1550 nm), Fa. Art Innovation, Hengelo
X-ray: Device: Isovolt 100 made by Richard Seifert & Co (performance limits: 100 kV and 10 mA
VIS spectrometry: Spectral photometer SPM 100, Gretag
Dr. Doris Oltrogge
CICS, University of Applied Sciences, Cologne


Embedding material for cross-sections: Technovit 2000 LC, Technotray CU Kulzer

Picture and word processing

Software Adobe Photoshop
Panavue Image Stichting

Invasive material analysis

Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) / EDX / SEM /
Microchemical analyses
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Jägers
Dr. Erhardt Jägers
Mikrochemisches Labor Jägers, Bornheim
Wood identification Prof. Dr. Peter Klein
University of Hamburg, Chair of Wood Biology - dendrochronology